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Motorcycle Alterations

spidisidi bootsseatmotorcycle leather gloves

With over 20 years experience in providing alterations to motorcycle race suits, boots, gloves and seats in both leather and kevlar there is very little that we have not encountered. Once we have modified your garment or accessory you can ride with comfort, safety and peace of mind.

 "Our aim is to always meet our clients requirements and provide an exceptional quality service at all times."

SPLR's  bespoke alteration and repair services have attracted the likes of Spidi, Dainese, Hein Gericke,Triumph, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Ducati. We are the official warranty repairer for Feridax UK and have worked with many superbike riders suits such as Michael Rutter, James Ellison, Shaky Bryrne, Kenart, and Steve Hislop.

SPLR also stock and supply top quality premium leather hides and kevlar in a wide range of colours and textures. Please ring us to arrange an appointment before visiting us at our workshop located in Wolverhampton where we can offer advice and assist with all your motorcycle clothing adjustments.  Our experienced staff are able to provide a wide range of clothing repairs and alterations.

Motorcycle Clothing Alteration and Repair Services Pricelist:

Arm Reduction 

  • Reducing shoulder to elbow both sides, from £80
  • Reducing elbow to cuff both sides, from £70
  • Shortening or narrowing the cuff area of both sleeves, from £50
  • Shortening both sleeves above elbow, from £120

Torso Reduction 

  • Torso to knee both sides, from £90
  • Narrowing both sides of a one or two piece suit, from £80                             
  • Reduction in seating area, from £60                                                               

Leg Reduction 

  • Thigh reduction above the knee in both legs , from £150                                                                                                           
  • knee to ankle both sides, from £90

Arm Enlargements

  • Enlarging shoulder to elbow both sides, from £90 -120
  • Enlarging elbow to cuff both sides, from £90
  • Widening the cuff area of both sleeves, from £90
  • Extending both sleeves from the cuff, from £90 

Torso Enlargement

  • Torso to knee both sides, from £150
  • Enlarging both sides of a one or two piece suit, from £150
  • Enlargement in seating area, from £60 - £80

Leg Enlargement 

  • Leg extension above the knee both sides, from £170
  • Knee to ankle both sides, from £150


  • Replacement of zip, from £40 per boot
  • Replace Velcro, from £20 per boot 
  • Restitch Velcro, from £10 per boot
  • Re-souling (per boot) from £35


  • Re-stitching on gloves, from £10

Logo's and Badges

  • Single case logo, from £10 per letter 
  • Double case logo, from £15 per letter
  • Leather / Kevlar patches to repair rips and tears, from £35
  • Press stud, from £5
  • Badges and Art work (Please call us for quotation or fill out the contact form below) 

Motorbike seating (Please call us for quotation or fill out the contact form below) 

Zip Repairs

  • Main front zip for one piece suit, from £80
  • Connection zip (jacket and trousers), from £90
  • Cuff zip, from £35
  • Leg zip, from £35
  • Fly zip, from £40
  • Seam re-stitch, from £30
  • Replace knee slider velcro, from £40 - 60 (each) 

Leather Cleaning & Reconditioning

We can clean, recondition and re-dye all leather garments, all our products are of the highest quality and tested to ensure they do not harm the strength of the garment. Leather Cleaning & Reconditioning has to be seen for quotation. (Please fill out contact form below) 

Crash Damage

All crash damage has to be seen for quotation. (Please call us for quotation or fill out the contact form below) 


* Every job is different and may involve extra or less work, for an accurate price please fill out the contact form below with detailed information. If photos are required please send to our email address Alternatively Whatsapp us on +447940396588 or give us a call on 01902 780902